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Chef Joris


August 19 to 21, 2024

Rotterdam to Frankfurt

Joris Bijdendijk is the chef of restaurants RIJKS® and Wils, both awarded a Michelin star, columnist at Het Parool newspaper, founder of the Low Food Foundation, author of various cookbooks, and Master Chef.

Bijdendijk’s love for beautiful products and good food arose early on. The Bijdendijk family spent every weekend in the Belgian Ardennes to maintain their farm and large vegetable garden.

At the age of 19, Bijdendijk started working in the kitchen of Ron Blaauw Restaurant ** and later in the star restaurant Le Jardin des Sens ** in Montpellier.

In 2012, Bijdendijk returned to the Netherlands to start as a chef at the Bridges restaurant in Hotel de Grand, where Gault & Millau immediately proclaimed him Promise of the Year. Joris cooked his first star in the 2014 Michelin Guide after 10 months in restaurant Bridges.

In 2014, Bijdendijk started as Executive Chef at RIJKS®, Amsterdam’s renowned Rijksmuseum restaurant. RIJKS® was awarded a star in the 2017 Michelin Guide.

In the same year, Bijdendijk obtained the title of Master Chef and launched his first book: Bijdendijk, Kitchen for the Low Countries, a cookbook with the mission to develop a cuisine using beautiful products that Dutch soil has to offer.

In January 2019, Bijdendijk started the Low Food Foundation together with Joris Lohman and Samuel Levie. This movement has set the goal of making Dutch food culture a trendsetter, thinking ahead on topics such as sustainability and cultural inclusion.

In the same year, Bijdendijk opened Restaurant Wils. Within a year, Restaurant Wils also received a Michelin star, bringing Bijdendijk’s total to three Michelin stars within eight years.

Bijdendijk is a frequent guest on a popular talk show on Dutch national television. At the start of this year, He launched his book “Chez Bijdendijk,” a book full of traditional techniques.

Chefs Kalai van Vossen

& Paulina Kasimovaitė

September 7-9, 2024

Rotterdam to Cologne

Lithuanian-born Paulina Kasimovaitė and Zeeland-born Kalai Van Vossen got to know each other early in their careers in Haarlem. Kalai then worked in the kitchen of Jozua Jaring’s Ratatouille Food & Wine, where Paulina worked at Olivijn, Menno Post’s restaurant. Following their respective tenures at these renowned establishments, they worked together at Cadzand under the wings of Sergio Herman at Pure C and Blueness in the Strandhotel. At this point, Kalai already worked in several star kitchens, and Paulina worked at De Nederlanden in Vreeland and Bougainville at Hotel TwentySeven in Amsterdam, among others.’

The realization of their fine dining eatery came with a long preparation period, but they were well on their way with an established slogan, ‘where passion meets heritage.’  However, finding a suitable location proved to be an event that required a longer wait. Kalai felt that a national monument best suited their vision of operating a restaurant. They considered locations in Zwolle, Haarlem, Amsterdam, and even Zeeuws-Vlaanderen until they found the ideal location in Woudrichem. The two did not know the former fortified town but went to see the monumental building from the sixteenth century. They have since opened the famed Cellar Door, creating a destination to celebrate and create cherished memories. Kalai was born in Zeeland but lived in Brabant and Zeeland, while Paulina was born in Lithuania. As the Netherlands is a delta, they naturally serves an abundance of local fish and seafood. All the ingredients Kalai utilizes are available in the Netherlands; they also incorporate incredible Baltic elements into the menu as an ode to Paulina’s Lithuanian heritage.

They have quickly become well known for the eaterie’s sincere hospitality and make sure that each aspect of the dining experience has been thoughtfully crafted to make guests feel appreciated and welcomed. For many, the Cellar Door has become a home away from home to savor delectable flavors and enjoy the warmth of genuine hospitality.

It utilizes generations of culinary expertise and locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that honor the past while celebrating the present.

Chef Ali


September 11 - 13, 2024

Mannheim to Basel

“Look at the sun, look at the day” – that is the literal translation of the Turkish family name Güngörmüş. This energy is immediately noticeable when you see and taste how star and TV chef Ali Güngörmüş brings out the character of the essential products in his kitchen in a creative way. Sometimes the result is Mediterranean, sometimes oriental with a touch of 1001 Nights: a successful liaison always results when selected flavors know how to underline a product’s unique nature subtly. All creations that come to the table at Pageou follow this commandment – bon appetit!


Despite his youth, Ali Güngörmüş can already look back on a number of the most coveted awards:

  • 1 Michelin star since November 2006
  • 16 points in Gault Millau
  • Discovery of the year 2004 in Gault Millau
  • 3 Whisks at Elle Bistro
  • Four bottles in the Metternich Guide

Ali Güngörmüş’s potential and future impact in the culinary world has been recognized by the ‘Land of Ideas’ initiative, which named him one of the’ 100 Minds of Tomorrow’. This recognition further solidifies his position as a chef to watch.



born in Pageou near Tunceli, Türkiye


Commis de Cuisine/Chef saucier at the Gasthaus »Glockenbach« in Munich (1 Michelin star)


Demi Chef/Chef de Partie at the restaurant »Tantris« in Munich (2 Michelin stars)


Commis Garde Manger/Chef de Partie in the restaurant »Schweizer Stuben« in Wertheim-Bettingen (2 Michelin stars)


Chef de partie/Junior Souschef at the restaurant
»Käfer-Schänke« in Munich


Head chef at the restaurant »Ederer« in Munich


Head chef at the restaurant »Lenbach« in Munich

since April 2005

Owner and chef of »Le Canard Nouveau«

October 2014

Opening of the restaurant »Pageou« in Munich

Chef Stefan


September 9 - 11, 2024

Cologne to Mannheim

At just twenty-seven years old, the young chef anchored in Hamburg, not for the first time, after several stints with Germany’s culinary elite, including in Hamburg and as the right hand of Dieter Müller on board the MS Europa. However, the native of Spessart has now permanently moved to the port city, where he aims to fulfill his culinary ambitions with Jellyfish in 2019.

Chef Andi


August 21-24, 2024

Frankfurt to Basel

Andi Schweiger’s story is a journey from a restaurant in Baden to the wide world of cuisine and beyond. Born in Karlsruhe in 1976, he grew up in the Ortenau district and discovered his passion for cooking early on.

At 17, he began training at the Fallert restaurant in the Black Forest, where he first came into contact with Michelin-starred cuisine. This formative experience was to mark his future path.

Stints followed this in renowned restaurants such as the Wielandshöhe in Stuttgart under Vincent Klink and the Mandarin Oriental in Munich under Holger Stromberg. Schweiger learned from the best chefs and constantly honed his craft.

In 2003, he became head chef at the Cocoon restaurant in Munich before working under Holger Stromberg again at G-Munich in 2005.

The dream of owning his restaurant took shape in 2006: With his wife Franziska, he opened “schweiger²” in Munich. With innovative cuisine and a skillful combination of regional and international influences, the restaurant quickly earned a Michelin star.

In 2009, Schweiger reached a broad audience with his TV debut on the RTL2 show “Die Kochprofis.” With his likable personality and talent for teaching even those who don’t like cooking, he became an audience favorite.

Alongside his TV career, Schweiger continued to devote himself to his passion for cooking and published his first cookbook, “Vegetarisch mit Leidenschaft” in 2014.

In 2017, he handed over his restaurant “schweiger²” to his chef and dedicated himself to the cooking school & event location he opened in 2013: “Andi Schweiger’s Kochschule.” Here, he shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for good food with cooking enthusiasts of all levels.

Further cookbooks followed, including “Regional mit Leidenschaft” (2016) “Genial Saisonal” (2019), “Schweigers Outdoorküche” (2022) and “The BIG 5” (2023) – as well as four cookbooks together with the RTL2 Kochprofis.

Today, Andi Schweiger is a successful chef, cookbook author, sought-after TV star, and brand ambassador. With his easy-going manner and in-depth knowledge, he inspires people to discover the joy of cooking and good food.


– 1993: Training as a chef at Restaurant Fallert, Sasbachwalden (1 Michelin star)

– 1997: Restaurant Wielandshöhe, Stuttgart (1 Michelin star) under Vincent Klink

– 1999 Hotel Dorchester, London

– 2000 Hotel/ Restaurant Krone, Karl-Emil Kuntz, Herxheim

Michelin Guide 1 star

– 2001: Hotel Mandarin Oriental, Munich, under Holger Stromberg

– 2003: Head chef at Restaurant Cocoon, Munich

– 2005: Head chef at Restaurant G-Munich

– 2006-2017: Restaurant Schweiger², Munich (1 Michelin star)

– Since 2009 until today: TV chef in “Die Kochprofis” (RTL2)

– Since 2013: Andi Schweiger’s cooking school

– 2014: First cookbook “Vegetarian with passion”

– 2019: TV chef in “ARD Buffet”

– 2021: New opening of ICE Bike Wiener Platz and FoodBike catering

– 2022: Cookbook “Schweiger’s Outdoor Kitchen” with Franzi Schweiger

– Since 2022: Brand ambassador for BMW Bank, Grana Padano, Maet Black, and Petromax

– 2023: Cookbook “The BIG 5” with Dr. Stephan Lück

– Since 2023: Brand face for WMF

Chef Erik

Van Loo

September 3 - 5, 2024

Hoorn to Wilemstadt / Dordrecht

About Restaurant Parkheuvel

“After 28 steps you step into one of the most beautiful restaurants in the Netherlands. But I’m sure every chef says that about his own establishment. The unique thing is that Parkheuvel is located in the park ánd has a view over the river Maas. And also in the heart of Rotterdam.”

Erik van Loo

Restaurant Parkheuvel is located in Het Park, not far from the Euromast and right on the river Maas. The modern, round building was designed by architect Klunder in 1988. Our terrace offers an unparalleled view of the water and the passing ships. The atmosphere in the restaurant is intimate. The entrance leads you to the bar with lounge area. The restaurant area itself runs in a playful circular shape and offers views of the water everywhere. Once seated at the table, all you have to do is relax and enjoy what’s on the table.

“Quality, style, personality, creativity and taste: experience is more than the parts.”

About Erik and Juliën van Loo

Erik van Loo (1964) grew up as a butcher’s son in the southern Limburg village of Mechelen. After studying HORECA at the Pastoor Jacobs school in Sittard, he went to work at Henk Savelberg’s restaurant Vreugd en Rust. As head chef and owner, he cooked his first star for restaurant Duurstede in Wijk bij Duurstede. A second star followed in 2005 at restaurant De Zwethheul in Delft. Since 2006, Erik van Loo has been patron-cuisinier of the also two-Michelin-starred restaurant Parkheuvel in Rotterdam.

His son Juliën (1990) stands as his right hand and as Kitchen Chef in the kitchen of Restaurant Parkheuvel. Juliën represents a young generation of successful chefs who are completely dedicated to their work.He wants to constantly develop his skills.With an eye for the latest trends in gastronomy, he brings classic and modern together.

”At Parkheuvel, we don’t do figure-saws. Our foundation is based on taste. Deep, intense flavors.Why make cooking more difficult than it is?We cook with sincerity.With us, salsify tastes like salsify and not like something that can’t be interpreted.”

As a chef, you have to dive into a dish. Every flavor you taste, you process it so that it comes out in the dish to the maximum. Your goal is to make it tastier than this. Cooking is about flavour, about giving something of yourself away. In our kitchen, only the best is good enough.

“You shouldn’t mirror others.If you do that, first you stagger and then you sink rock hard through the swamp” There is only one René Redzepi, there is only one Rasmus Munk.

In order to ensure quality, we have now established long-standing relationships with suppliers.

They know exactly what we want and what the requirements are, they also know what not to bring.We are in the same way in life, we share the same ideas about taste and quality. Something like that grows, time gives taste and quality intensifies.

”In our kitchen it’s all about quality.Real food.Taste is knowledge, taste is emotion and feeling, taste is memory.Taste is a quest.”

Chef Jermain

de Rozario

September 5 - 7, 2024

Dordrecht to Rotterdam

Jermain de Rozario was born and raised in Helmond, a former poor industrial city in the south of the Netherlands. His hometown barely knew fine dining, but De Rozario has quickly put his city on the map. Two and a half years after the opening of his restaurant ‘De Rozario,’ he received a Michelin star. He is one of the faces of the new generation of top chefs in the Netherlands.

De Rozario learned the basics of the trade at De Lindehof** in Nuenen, but in his own establishment, he has shaken off as many rules as possible. His cuisine is therefore not easily described. The dishes have clear Indonesian characteristics, with excursions into other parts of Asia. Sometimes modern, sometimes classical. It may sound like a cliché, but for De Rozario, it’s all about the taste on the plate, and showcasing techniques is secondary to that.

To introduce more people to his cooking style, De Rozario has now opened a smaller, second establishment in the city of Eindhoven. In recent years, a book and a documentary about De Rozario’s turbulent life have been released. Jermain is together with his partner Virginia, has two sons, and a third is on the way.

Chef RIK


September 1 - 3, 2024

Zaandam to Hoorn

Rik Veen Rik started his culinary career as an apprentice at, among others, Tante Koosje in Loenen aan de Vecht. At the two-star restaurant De Lindehof in Nuenen, he first worked as a chef de partie and then for another 2.5 years as a sous chef. Nowadays, he can often be found in the vegetable garden. He knows everything about how it grows and thrives. He is fearless of a chemical challenge to realize his original presentation, taste, and texture ideas. He likes to surprise his guests by placing the familiar in a different context. But taste excitement and refinement always take precedence. Rik also works carefully on his sourdough. The doors only open when perfection is reached, and the smell of fresh bread fills the restaurant.

Chef ROY


September 1 - 3, 2024

Zaandam to Hoorn

Roy is deeply rooted in the area of Wijk bij Duurstede. He learned the finer points of the trade as a sous chef at various restaurants in Betuwe and Central Netherlands, and he worked as a head chef at Coco Pazzo in Houten. His cooking style is pure and showcases the richness of the local nature. With great respect for the ingredients, he chooses the proper preparation so that nothing is wasted. He butchers game from the hunter and pork or beef from the farmer. Roy prefers to present his dishes with a perfectly executed sauce, which he lovingly serves a little extra.


SADETTAN (Sommelier)

September 1 - 3, 2024

Zaandam to Hoorn

This native Parisian is the perfect host who welcomes you with all honors and immediately makes you feel at home. As an award-winning sommelier with extensive international experience in Michelin-starred restaurants in France, Denmark, Australia, and Finland, Toby creates exciting combinations of wine and food. In line with the philosophy of clear origins, he always looks for winemakers with small-scale production for his wines. Their artisanal methods are often organic. Toby loves to tell the story behind the wines he offers in a pairing or those you choose from the exclusive wine list.


Bijdendijk is the author of the following cookbooks:

  • Bijdendijk, a kitchen for the Low Countries
  • The secret of the garden
  • Snert, in case everything goes wrong
  • Thuis
  • Chez Bijdendijk


  • Since 2018 in the top 100 of The Best Chef Awards.
  • Game number in the Favor Flav top 100 influencers list twice.
  • Became a food hero in the Food100 list, featuring leading food changers.
  • Was the only chef included in the Trouw Sustainable Top 100 2017.

Restaurant RIJKS®:

RIJKS®, the restaurant of the world-famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, is the largest restaurant in the Netherlands. It has a Michelin star and 17 points in the Gault & Millau guide.

In 2014, RIJKS® introduced the kitchen of the Low Countries, also known as Low Food. Every day, the team of 60 young professionals gives a podium to the authentic Dutch produce. The chefs constantly discover beautiful Dutch products such as Zeeland Sea salt, soy sauce from Rotterdam, and even fresh truffles from Dutch soil.

The sommelier has 600 titles on his menu and puts the best wine producers in the Netherlands in the “spotlights.” For this, RIJKS® was awarded the Wine Spectator Best of Award in 2020, becoming the first and only restaurant in the world with a specification in Dutch wines. RIJKS®’s ambition is to put Dutch gastronomy on the worldwide map. 

The restaurant does not go unnoticed internationally, either. Since 2019, RIJKS® has been included in the 50 Best Discovery, the ranking list of the team behind The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Chef Joris Bijdendijk has been in the top 100 of The Best Chef Awards since 2018.

Over the past five years, RIJKS® has received more than 30 internationally renowned guest chefs, including Mauro Colagreco (Mirazur, Menton), Manoella Buffara (Manu, Brazil), André Chiang (RAW, Taiwan), Virgilio Martínez (Central, Lima), and Richard Ekkebus (Amber, Hong Kong).


Restaurant Wils pays tribute to the true primal power of all kitchens: fire. Guests can have lunch or dinner in the kitchen, at the bar, or at the table. The chefs cook refined dishes in the open kitchen and bake fresh bread in the bakery daily. A year after opening, Wils was awarded a Michelin star.

Wils’ core team consists of specialists from various disciplines: service, wine, pastry, bakery, and a specialist in cooking with fire. In addition to the wine, the sommelier takes care of the homemade kombuchas and kefirs, and the pastry chef develops the patisserie with preparations from the fire. The restaurant even hosts the first bread sommelier in the Netherlands. Restaurant Wils owes its name to the architect of the Olympic Stadium and surrounding buildings, Jan Wils. With his design, he brought the Olympic fire back to the Games in 1928, which took place in Amsterdam that year. Wils is located on the third floor of the MOVE mobility center.