Global comic superstar created by Australian comedian-writer-producer-Caroline Reid, Pam Ann has developed a cult like status all over the world with her masterful portrayal of International air-hostess Pam Ann.

Pam’s barbed wit has seen her fly many a risky route and negotiate even the most politically incorrect flight path with her blisteringly funny take on the world of airlines and flight attendants. Nothing is out of reach of her pristine white gloves, strutting up the aisle with a trolley full of beautifully unpredictable, acerbic airline satire. There’s not much Pam hasn’t seen or done – from crewing Elton John’s private jet at his express request, sharing a stadium stage on a tour of the UK with Cher, and counting Madonna in her legion of devoted fans worldwide.

  • Cruelly funny – Madonna.
  • Highly interactive, the show is hilarious – Le Figaro Paris.
  • To spend an hour of so in Pam Ann’s company is like being held hostage on a plane with laughing gas – The Daily Telegraph U.K.
  • Just the ticket – Time Out (New York).
  • Well-caustic, well observed – Metro (London).
  • She puts the BA in debauched – Chortle
    A delicious comic creation – The Independent U.K.

Chef Todd Erickson

Entrepreneur and proud LGBTQ+ advocate Chef Todd Erickson is renowned for his culinary excellence and innovative flavors. Charismatic and dashing, Erickson has garnered numerous accolades, including a victory on Food Network Channel’s “Beat Bobby Flay.”

Erickson’s love for life, beauty, and flavor has attracted the attention of pop stars, icons, presidents, dignitaries, and their families and has been featured on Food Network, Cooking Channel, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN en Español as well as published in best-selling books. Chef Todd Erickson is a global citizen, consulting for five-star resorts throughout Central America and the Caribbean. Todd lives by the mantra, “Food is Art. Art is Life. Life is Good!”

Get ready to be captivated as Chef Todd brings his culinary prowess to the Advance by Transcend Cruises. He will curate diverse themed dinners, conduct engaging hands-on culinary classes, and host thrilling interactive guest culinary competitions. There’s a delightful experience for everyone to enjoy!

You can learn more about Chef Todd here.

Kelly Carey & Rick Santamaria

We are excited to welcome back Rick Santamaria and Kelly Carey. Santamaria, a gifted musician with remarkable keyboard abilities, has wowed audiences across the globe while performing for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Most recently, he and Kelly have been showcasing their talents at various venues in the Midwest, such as Hamburger Mary’s in their hometown of Grand Rapids and the Dunes Resort in the LGBT hot spot of Saugatuck, Michigan. Carey’s stunning voice captivates audiences, often eliciting standing ovations with her extraordinary vocal skills and moving them to laughter and tears with her sharp-witted comedy and clever parody songs.

Envy Peru

After two months of competing in the Dutch version of RuPaul’s Drag Race and winning four challenges, Envy Peru has made history as the first ever crowned contestant of Drag Race Holland, as well as the first Peruvian queen in the franchise to emerge supreme.

As reigning Queen, Envy Peru has not only achieved fame and publicity in the Netherlands but also worldwide; Drag Race Holland was broadcasted online and subtitled in four different languages.

Based in Amsterdam, Envy is known for her sweet personality, professional work, amazing performances, fashion style and make-up looks.

Since Envy Peru won Drag Race Holland she has been starring in many TV shows like “de Verraders”, “Gouden Televizier Ring” amongst many others, and she has been the head judge in Dutch TV show “Make Up Your Mind”, which is a huge success. Besides Dutch TV shows, she has been a judge in “Drag Race Spain” and did countless interviews with international press like Entertainment Weekly, Attitude Magazine, Magaly TV Peru and GayTimes New York just to name a few.

Envy tours like no other drag queen. With bookings in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Norway, Hungary, Mexico and Peru, she is here to stay. She also has two residencies in “the Amsterdam Drag Show” and “the Rotterdam Drag Show” where she is the leading lady of the show. In 2023, her work visa for the United States has been approved where she is touring multiple times a year.

Brands are also very interested in working with Envy Peru. She has her own limited make-up collection together with M.A.C. Cosmetics, which was released in June 2022. Other collaborations are with brands such as, Mugler, Magnum, Google, Klarna, Sony Music, H&M, Victor & Rolf, YOOX Net a Porter and Crocs amongst others.


Nikita Vegaz

Reigning from Berlin, Nikita Vegaz has earned her standing as one of Germany’s most successful queens. Residing in Berlin, she is known for performing extraordinarily successful and entertaining shows throughout Europe. Reaching the pinnacle of drag, Nikita appeared on Drag Race Germany in 2023. There, she won the hearts of fans worldwide, proving that drag is more than just appearance; it’s a powerful expression of the soul.


Metamorkid is a standout contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race Germany, known for its transformative and avant-garde drag aesthetic. With a background in fashion design and performance art, Metamorkid brings a unique blend of creativity and innovation to the stage. Their looks often push the boundaries of traditional drag, incorporating elements of high fashion, surrealism, and theatricality.

Metamorkid’s journey on Drag Race Germany has been marked by bold fashion choices, intricate makeup, and compelling performances that captivate both judges and audiences alike. Off the stage, Metamorkid is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and uses its platform to promote inclusivity and self-expression. Their commitment to challenging norms and redefining beauty makes Metamorkid a memorable and influential figure in the drag community.

DJ James Munich

Among the most well-known gay DJs in southern Germany and Austria. International performances have taken him to both Rome and Sitges and Bear Week celebrations. He is also well known as the resident DJ at Munich Pride – and the Pink Lake Festival at Wörthersee/Austria. With more than a decade of experience under his belt, his queer party series PINK PARADISE in Munich is an institution and the longest-running gay party in the region. His DJ ability ranges from circuit house, pop, dance floor, and classics to party and Diva Disco hits.